Ending the Epidemic of Accidental Personality Disorder Discrimination by Well-Meaning Mediators

To read our article about Ending the Epidemic of Personality Disorder Discrimination By Well-Meaning Mediators, please visit https://scholarship.law.missouri.edu/jdr/vol2024/iss1/5/

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The Mental Health Safe Project is continuing to do a variety of projects to address mental illness discrimination. If you are interested in getting in touch with the article authors for any reason, please use e-mail info@mhsafe.org and we will be sure to get the message to the article authors.

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  • Vetting Dispute Resolution and Legal Guidance – This website collects a number of articles and resources to help publishers, CLE accreditors, and individuals vet guidance material, notice inadvertently discriminatory content, and address it.
  • Preventing Mental Illness Discrimination in Mediation – This website presents a quick Mediate.com presentation about mental illness discrimination and collects a variety of resources to learn about this problem, prevent it, and address it.
  • Difficult, Toxic, and High Conflict? – This website presents a 45 minute presentation explaining how the terms difficult, toxic, and high conflict can be used to profile individuals with mental disorders – and it offers resources to help with these problems.