Update Inappropriate Publications

Sometimes publishers do not catch that the content they are publishing includes inappropriate content that discriminates against people with mental illness.

This may include demeaning or offensive language or guidance to treat a person differently based on the perception they have a mental health problem. It can be especially upsetting to discover explicit, printed content that includes mental health biases and stigma.

MH Safe contacts publishers and works with them to remove or update this content – inspiring changes at a variety of institutions including law schools, professional associations, training providers, and industry websites.

Request Assistance

If you have found offensive or discriminatory content related to someone having a mental health problem, MH Safe can contact the publisher and work with them to remove or update it. If you would prefer to do it yourself, we can share some templates to help you.

Our approach is to assume the discrimination is inadvertent, assume good intentions on behalf of the publishers, and begin by raising their consciousness to the error. From there, we collaboratively discuss ways to rectify the mistake, only relying on formal grievance processes as a last resort.