The Mental Health Safe Project provides resources for addressing stereotypes, stigma, and discrimination related to mental illness.

We want people with mental health conditions to feel safe in every aspect of their day-to-day lives.

MH Safe’s activities follow three core principles:

1) Assume Good Intentions

Assume Good Intentions

We believe people are often accidentally discriminating against people living with mental health problems due to insensitivity, ignorance, or carelessness as opposed to malicious intent.

MH Safe always begins by assuming people mean well.

2) Prioritize Collaboration

Prioritize Collaboration

Because people often don’t mean to make these mistakes, there is a chance to correct them without an adversarial battle. It is worth giving people some chances before escalating.

MH Safe prioritizes collaborative conversations whenever possible.

3) Assert Rights

Assert Disability Rights

Even though people are usually well-meaning, they sometimes resist change. Often, they do not realize how significant the discrimination is and that there are potential consequences.

MH Safe relies on legal rights and ethical norms to compel changes.